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march a person against his will by any method

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carry someone against his will upside down such that each limb is held by one person

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The attacker tried to frogmarch his victim to the Skydome, where he wanted her to withdraw money from a cashpoint.
Lancashire trainer Eric Alston saddled his first Newbury jumps winner when the injury-prone Hurdante beat Frogmarch by nine lengths in the handicap hurdle.
He referred to a statement by Ms Beal which said: "At no point did Ken and I scuffle, nor did he manhandle or frogmarch or abuse me at that time or any time in our relationship.
Frogmarch is the one to be on in the weatherbys-group.
It looks like a giant bin bag and the idea is that it will slip quickly over the streaker's body - so stewards can frogmarch them away free from embarrassment.
They will frogmarch him to nearby Abu Ghraib, a jail at which thousands died under Saddam.