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a variety of spittlebug

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Froghoppers are related to leafhoppers, cicadas and aphids.
The Common Froghopper, or "spittle-bug" as it is unflatteringly known in the States, secrets its larvae in "cuckoo-spit", and the larvae gain sustenance by drawing sap from the flower stem.
If any readers taking a closer look at the Common Froghopper in the vegetation should happen to glimpse a Common Lizard this month, please don't forget to fill in our online survey form at Daily Post website www.
Human high jumpers should be thankful that froghoppers aren't allowed to compete in next summer's Olympic games
Researchers at Cambridge University recently discovered that a common garden pest, the froghopper (Philaenus spumarius), can propel its tiny 6-millimeter body over half meter (2 feet) into the air.
AIT SOUNDS like "cuckoo spit", frothy deposits which harbour the young stage of a pest known as a froghopper.
It certainly makes the plant look rather peculiar but, although the froghopper sucks plant sap, it does little significant damage.
Writing about their findings in the open access journal BMC Biology, the researchers have revealed that froghoppers achieve their prowess by flexing bow-like structures between their hind legs and wings and releasing the energy in one giant leap in a catapult-like action.
The researcher also said that there were further parallels with the jumping mechanisms of froghoppers and the design of composite bows used in archery.
Among froghoppers associated with the sugarcane in Brazil, 3 Mahanarva species are prominent because of the economic importance of their damage; these are: M.
In this study, the authors present a fossil of a pair of copulating froghoppers, a type of small insect that hops from plant to plant much like tiny frogs.
A: Cuckoo spit is the name given to froth produced by insects known as froghoppers.
How many times its own body length can the froghopper jump?