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Synonyms for frizzy


Synonyms for frizzy

(of hair) in small tight curls

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DAIRY DELIGHTS A WEEKLY conditioning treatment with natural yogurt and egg provides a super cleanser and protein boost for frizzy hair, says natural hair and beauty expert Clare Weyers (elitebeautyschool.
Not just for curly girls, CURLS ON FLEEK includes the rich fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals that makes frizzy hair fabulous.
Frizzy hair is the main cause for a blownup do, and the reason why it frizzes up is because of the hair cuticles getting exposed.
Her hair looks nothing like the styled mane on the cover but instead a bleached, frizzy nest.
Summary: Forget frizzy fringes or lacklustre locks, hairstylists in Colombia show off their extreme hairdressing skills.
One in three women experience dry, rough and frizzy hair that is unpredictable and frustrating to manage.
NEW YORK -- Frizzy hair is the bane of millions of women, who have historically visited hair salons to smooth and straighten their hard-to-manage hair.
The woman was white, 5' 7" tall, heavy build with dark brown frizzy hair.
Like a curly, frizzy green something with lots of feathers and a basket of heirloom tomatoes plus vegetables and a banner" - Bette Midler (pictured) describes her Halloween party dress.
THERE are lots of tricks and tips when it comes to taming frizzy hair.
In her next outing, I'm Not There, she becomes rock legend Bob Dylan - complete with trademark frizzy hair.
The only description is that the child had dark, frizzy, shoulder-length hair.
The survey also revealed that approximately two-thirds of women think that when it comes to romantic dates, visible bug bites and smelling like bug spray is more embarrassing than frizzy or flat hair.
The episode of BBS that focuses on the darker side of the scene--hackers, crackers, phone phreaks, and software pirates--opens with a monologue from a portly aging biker called Bootleg with a great frizzy white beard and long hair, who sits astride a great black Harley taking drags from a cigarette.
These are eight full-length portraits of some of the young women from the performance, posed inside the stone niches of the Boboli Gardens at the Pitti Palace, some with frizzy hair and slender, diaphanous bodies, others with blonde wigs in ringlets that recall Renaissance painting (the artist sees them as penitent Magdalenes).