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Synonyms for frizzy


Synonyms for frizzy

(of hair) in small tight curls

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Ruined: The frizzy hairdo that threatened the big day; Rescued: Taylor races to give Alison a straight style; Restyled: The look Alison wanted for her wedding; TO; KISS.
He says: "People with dry frizzy hair should use a moisturising shampoo.
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The attacker, described as fat with frizzy, thinning hair, pounced on the woman in West Bromwich.
Stuck in a doting but flat marriage to a sweet petshop worker named Lotte (Cameron Diaz, winsomely deglamorized beneath a frizzy Alice in Wonderland spray of brown hair), he sublimates all of his passions through his wooden doll surrogates.
And Detangler will tame long locks and smooth dry, frizzy hair.
This includes Steiner shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed to treat dry, dull, chemically treated, oily, fine, limp or frizzy hair.
My hair doesn't feel crunchy or heavy with product, but it still holds the curls well," "No more frizzy hair
Dried-out, frizzy ends or static and lifeless, limp locks are just some of the hair nightmares we face when the weather turns nippy.
The Voice of an Angel star's frizzy look was the centre of attraction when she went shopping with pals at home in Cardiff.
So let's begin at the end, in ``The Dressing Room,'' where a trio of actresses, each wearing a long frizzy blond wig, are primping, flinging tissue paper and blowing their noses (all in synchronization) in preparation for a stage entrance.
The Moulin Rouge star was spotted last week on the cover of a top American magazine with a frizzy hairstyle.
Frizzy hair can occur in all hair types, but most of all in curly, fine hair.
HER HAIR: She doesn't have curly, frizzy hair in real life.