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Synonyms for frizzle

fry something until it curls and becomes crisp

curl tightly

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In mice engineered to possess a copy of the Frizzled 8 gene, adding the human version of FLARE5 made nerve cells grow faster than in mice given the chimp version.
In those two balls, the brief life in the chase had frizzled out.
However, the activity of WNT proteins can be inhibited by secreted frizzled related proteins (SFRPs), thus leading to fat cell generation.
Chapters deal with pharmacological subjects such as allosteric modulators, receptor dimerization, GPCR deorphanization, G protein activation, and the Frizzled family; methods to screen GPCR using biochemical techniques, cell phenotype, resonance energy transfer, label-free detection, and ultra-high-throughput screening; new ways to express and crystallize the receptors; computational studies such as modeling and rational drug design; and the use of pharmacological chaperones for diseases caused by GPCR mutations.
Her hair is 'fruffled and frizzled, teased and tizzled, knotted and knitted, whorled and whizzled.
shallot, frizzled shoot and pork fat and cook until shallot is
The two guys staggered back, their eyebrows frizzled and gone.
No, there's the handsome young couple briefly, dreamily drifting through sunny fantasy, the woman with lovely, frizzled long red hair glowing in the sun.
AFTER months of frantic speculation, it's official: Rupert Penry-Jones' screen alias Adam Carter is toast - literally frizzled on The Grid while saving Remembrance Day for Queen and country.
Contributed by some of the best chefs from some of the finest dining establishments Wyoming has to offer, the recipes range from Blue Ribbon Caramel Cinnamon Rolls; Pancetta-Wrapped Chicken Livers; Winter Root Vegetable Hash; and Blue Corn Tortilla Soup; to Bison Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Sauce; Roast Duck Breast with Apple and Sun-Dried Cranberry Chutney; Sea Scallops with Frizzled Spinach, Carrots, and Citrus Beurre Blanc; and Sour Cream Cherry Pie.
Writing for frizzled veterans as well as dewy novices, she explains creating spaces for teaching and learning, designing walls that work, teaching routines that develop self-discipline, developing rubrics that raise expectations and achievement, giving rules and rewards that build character and motivation, and developing a 3+3=33 plan for your own practice.
HERE I am, racking what's left of my brains after they've been alternately frizzled in 90F sunshine and frozen in 40F air-conditioned shopping malls, trying to sum up Dubai for you.
The Wnt protein binds to a receptor called Frizzled and activates cell Fate decisions during tissue development.
Keay's team isolated the key ingredient in the urine--APF, an acidic, heat-stable sialoglycopeptide related to the frizzled 8 transmembrane receptor.
A new published study shows how one gene, known as Frizzled 6 (Fz6), controlled hair patterning in mice.