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Synonyms for frizzle

fry something until it curls and becomes crisp

curl tightly

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The highest overall proportions were observed for crested head, pea comb, silky feathers, frizzle feathers and naked neck.
Frizzle, the fictional school teacher from the 90s kids show, "The Magic School Bus.
3 Greg Taylor celebrates (main) after firing home his goal (below left) then (left to right) joins Ruben Sammut, Anthony Ralston and Adam Frizzle to celebrate at full time
You said your husband's name, Martin FRIZELL, is nearly always mispronounced as Frizzle.
James Frizzle rolled 829 and Mixi Lechuga tallied 645 to back up Alviso.
99, Slurp and several independents) A pretty bottle embraces a lovely sherbert refreshing frizzle, with a salty-air finish, from a blend of azal, loureiro, pederna, and trajadura.
We're invited to join Professor Stephen Frizzle from the Harry, My Cat Died Research Centre as he presents the findings of a year-long psychological study into the so-called Directioners who devote their time to communicating to the singer such information as the death of a pet.
25 a bottle, PS87 a dozen) There was a frizzle of bubbles, sometimes seen in young wines.
For Kate it is ideal for ensuring her trademark chestnut waves stay frizzle free.
Frizzle, who takes her students on wild field trips--into the human body, the clouds, or an electric power plant, to name a few.
We see many hawks and did have one grab our little Frizzle Cochin once, but luckily Molly, our neighbor's dog, came to her rescue.
Planet earth should stand by to frizzle because politicians have no chance of solving global warming if they cannot deal with relatively easy issues like bookmakers on exchanges.
Patzert said despite frizzle and mildewed vegetables, June Gloom is a favorable alternative to what may come once the marine layer burns off at the end of the week.
Frizzle or Posthipchick, the blog isn't just a teaching tool, aimed at motivating students.
Then you spend two weeks in a poorly furnished room you couldn't swing a skunk in, frizzle on baking sand with a thousand compatriots, eat doubtful food served by harassed waiters and plaster yourself with suntan lotion.