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Synonyms for frizz

the condition of being formed into small tight curls

Related Words

curl tightly

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Charles Worthington has also come up with another prescription package for bad hair days, called Q&A Frizz.
Our new Frizz Index will give manufacturers a way to demonstrate the performance of their products to consumers.
But I still have to use the straightening irons to get rid of some of the frizz.
To fight frizz, start by using a creamy leave-in conditioner like Charles Worthington London Results Moisture Seal Hair Healer Intensive Leave-In Conditioner ($7, drugstores).
This took a lot of the frizz out of my hair, and the curls were separated nicely and the smell is lovely.
LONG hair can be difficult to keep looking beautiful without using harsh heating tools to straighten, shine and keep the dreaded frizz away.
Thanks to its' unique Amino Pro-V enriched formula which helps maintain moisture in the hair, it also provides protection against split ends and frizz.
Make split ends a thing of the past with John Frieda's Frizz Ease Secret Agent Cream.
It looks great when I leave the house, but as soon as I get caught in the rain my hair turns to frizz.
With honey nectar and ginseng it eliminates frizz and helps define your curls.
The Q&A Frizz offers rapid rehydration shampoo (pounds 4.
Once your hair is dry apply a finishing cream or wax to keep your style looking frizz free and shiny.
For soft defined curls, Be Curly Co-Wash helps to wash-in moisture and wash-out frizz.
VO5's New, Easier Than Ever, 3-Step Process Tames Frizz and keeps Hair Smooth and Healthy All Summer