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the trait of being frivolous

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because frivolousness is difficult to define, and data on settled
Therefore, what is central for me in Madsen's critique of the frivolousness of much contemporary liberal Jewish liturgy are the words.
It can lead to fads, to novelty, to triteness and frivolousness, and to perhaps even insincerity.
Images of the time even show frivolousness in the waters from playing cards to eating dinner Perhaps this is the result of one 18th-century European doctor's recommendation to spend a total of 200 hours in the thermal waters over a period of two weeks.
There are some non-believers in the government and traditional media who are still apprehensive of the perceived frivolousness of new media.
Their daughter Sheila's frivolousness is to be swept away by the shocking events of the evening, and Eleanor Howell's character shows that spark of moral awareness that might just be strong enough to drag her brother Eric (Guy Lewis) out of his drunken languor.
Frivolousness is all very well, but only in the right setting.
Then again, after the experimentation and social tumult of the 1960s and early '70s, much of '80s culture's appeal rested in its accessibility and frivolousness.
The "Protestant work ethic" has left us with a slight religious distaste for fun, frivolousness, silly stuff, and jokes.
The reviews strongly favour the application of seriousness, restraint and traditional skills, while frivolousness and an 'anything goes' approach is considered 'bad taste'.
likely to be lacking in diligence, competence, or professional honesty," (219) at least one commentator has found that courts receiving Anders briefs typically scrutinize the lawyer's implicit finding of frivolousness rather than accept it at face value.
In a report in its main bulletin, CNN highlighted the king's call for dialogue among the three monotheistic religions for the protection of humanity from frivolousness and his role in supporting the peace process in the Middle East.
Camp is played out on the body through the Drag King's revitalised Camp, as the frivolous seriousness or the serious frivolousness of his work engages in 'Dark play'.
Given this tight turnaround, even lawsuits that your lawyers deem frivolous can be costly because you will typically need to begin discovery before the issue of frivolousness is resolved.