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Synonyms for frivolous

Synonyms for frivolous

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not serious in content or attitude or behavior

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Courts and the Commission have equated the "not frivolously brought" standard contained in section 105(c)(2) of the Mine Act with the "reasonable cause to believe standard.
We may frivolously consider that we may attempt to carry out the office of the President of the United States --''
PARIS-BASED jewellery designer Yazbukey has teamed up with beauty giant Shu Uemura to create a frivolously fun and irreverently chic collection featuring cute facesdand slogans.
Members of the North Hollywood Project Area Committee are complaining that the city is spending taxpayer money frivolously by investing in a new two-stage American Renegade Repertory Theater Co.
Unlike other courts, the losing side doesn't usually have to pay the other side's costs unless the Tribunal believes they acted frivolously or otherwise unreasonably in bringing proceedings.
Supporters of Alarcon accused Katz's representatives of frivolously challenging the ballots of Latino voters in an effort to deny Alarcon of some votes in the 20th state Senate District contest.
Artificial colors are frivolously added to junk foods that have little nutritional value, while vegetables are critical to a healthy diet.
Although it might seem as though teenagers spend frivolously when it comes to shopping, they are actually price-conscious.
A spokesman said: "Hard-pressed taxpayers will be appalled to see some local authorities spending their money so frivolously, stuffing the pockets of their senior executives at the same time as launching consultations on cutting frontline services.
The Koch administration, more interested in its political popularity, rather than the long term viability of New York City, frivolously squandered this additional income through increased municipal employment and the ill fated belief that more money could make failed programs work despite the record income.
Changes cannot be made frivolously or thoughtlessly in language lest we overlook the theological nuance of a word or phrase and unwittingly change the community's beliefs.
individuals not to treat the law of the land frivolously or to bring the sport into disrepute by questioning its rules and authority.
You may even want to request the direct deposit of your money into your bank account to avoid the temptation of spending it frivolously.
If this exhibit goes forward, taxpayers will be reminded over and over that this money was frivolously spent.
Much worse, artists are hailed as merry pranksters, as some curators actively celebrate the frivolously empty riff (by what might be termed the Monkees of the art world) on '60s collectivism.