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On the point of frivolity, when this nation has faced national emergencies before it has not abandoned frivolity.
But sometimes, one of the sons will sneak in on the frivolity.
Enter the world of 1939, knock back the cocktails and banter with these outrageous characters caught up in their bubble of frivolity, blissfully unaware of worldwide horrors ahead.
One fashion expert said: "The girls have taken the frivolity of the 50s and given it a new spin.
I still have a limit to what I think would be justified in spending on frivolity.
It all stems from childhood and being born as a boy but loving female clothing ( the frivolity of it, the feel of it.
In the process, the art object is momentarily threatened with utility only to "turn the tables" (pace Marx) once more and assert instead the underlying frivolity and uselessness of everything else in the world.
They, at least, have a grip on real, important issues, rather than needless frivolity.
For The Nightingale and the Maiden, with music by Enrique Granados, the program read: "The Maja, her gay frivolity gone, is portrayed in somber hues of sorrow, and finds through her castanets an affinity with the nightingale.
Intent upon diverting Renaissance poetry from pagan mythology and petrarchan frivolity, La Ceppede reinvests it with truth and purpose, entrusting the 520 sonnets and some 2500 annotations of his Theoremes with the mission of conveying the drama and deeper meaning of Christ's sacrifice for mankind's salvation.
The frivolity of French couture is considered passe.
Murray's objection is thrown out, he loses his pounds 5 deposit and is fined pounds 50 for frivolity.
Still, in trying to fathom the LSD experience, it's worth reflecting on the fact that dreams, for all their irrationality and frivolity, appear to be indispensable.
I have since been told that it was Colin Firth" Theatrical director David Weston "My only A-level is in flirtation, frivolity and applied bikini waxing" Writer Kathy Lette, below, on examination results "I had my Beatles moment there.
FRIDAY: Paul O'Grady Live (ITV1, 9pm) Paul O'Grady welcomes Dame Edna, Alan Carr, boy band Blue and Stacey Soloman for more gossip, chit-chat and general frivolity.