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I always enjoy reading "Matters of Scale," and your most recent one titled "Aid and Comfort" was no exception--until I reached the bottom where the amount of money Americans spend on various luxuries or frivolities was listed.
The simple fact is that the rich often make conscious decisions to cut back on what can often seem like frivolities," he notes.
It's so nice to know my council tax is being used in such a constructive way and not on frivolities like street cleaning and more books etc in our schools.
And they do NOT want it spent on frivolities like opera houses for the rich or on underwater crochet groups for one-legged, lesbian single- parents with polka-dot hair and bull-rings through their noses.
And admission to the frivolities is absolutely free.
That the punk-rock movement has only now reached Spokane, with flocks of young poseurs in purple Mohawks bumming cigarettes from passers-by, says much more about Spokane than it does about the frivolities of youth.
Another warning sign is when you try to talk about price and amenities and the "buyer" wants to talk about frivolities such as possible planning permission for an outside loo.
They had to strip to the waist to take part in the freezing frivolities and to get the full benefit of their training.
There are no frivolities with her character, Kate Armstrong, as pregnant sous chef Leah (Jenny Wade) knows only too well.
She was a member of Milnsbridge Youth Club's concert party the Frivolities.
Whit Monday has already been changed, which is ascension day, and has been exchanged with all the fun and frivolities of Spring Bank Holiday.