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Synonyms for fritter

small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables

spend frivolously and unwisely

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LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson has admitted frittering away his time as a student "fooling around" but hoped his "embarrassing" antics with the Bullingdon Club could now be forgotten.
The singer is reportedly facing financial problems after frittering away most of the pounds 15m she was paid to end her contract with Virgin Records in 2001.
Britons are working increasingly long hours but are frittering away their earnings on treats to reward themselves for their hard work, research claims.
Just think of John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale frittering their way through Serendipity or of Paul Thomas Anderson's belabored prologue to Magnolia.
Dr David Lewis, a leading consumer psychologist said: "We fail to contemplate how retirement will impact on our frittering power and deny that the increase in affluence, comfort and security could vanish in retirement.
I certainly could have cut my frittering in half, whatever that means.
He alleged that Riaz has acquired wealth through illegal means and now frittering away, thus earning title of 'Robin Hood'.
No frittering Q Is it possible to leave someone some money in your will and stipulate that it is invested in property or something, rather than just frittered away?
Or will he continue with his failed strategy of frittering away the state surplus and hoping that some kind of miracle takes place between now and his 2002 re-election campaign?
But instead of making those who actually use the power pay for it, the state has opted to punish everyone universally by frittering away a surplus that's the product of overtaxation.
Exhausted by the pace of production and fretful that he's frittering away his talent on frivolity, Sullivan tells his partner that they're repeating themselves artistically.