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Synonyms for fritter

small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables

spend frivolously and unwisely

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It wasn't as if you were desperate to feed hungry mouths -you frittered it away on trivialities.
McCabe's trial heard that massive amounts of cash was frittered away on furniture, electrical goods, designer clothes and cosmetics, while gifts were lavished on relatives and friends.
THE TERRIERS frittered away a host of second-half chances as they suffered their fourth away League reverse.
He has also frittered away time in the studio recording instrumental doodles that are as attractive as slug pellets.
Just 18 per cent of people said they frittered away nothing.
And we frittered away many leisure hours watching the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks that called the hackberry their home.
Anna Nicole would never have had to work another day in her life if she had listened to her husband's advice and not frittered away the money that he gave her for her future," said Pierce Marshall.
A MOTHER of five plundered almost pounds 5,000 from an account belonging to her grandfather and then frittered it away, a court heard.
He added: "It is all very well saying that she frittered away this amount but pounds 200,000 is a lot of money.
He added: "It's one thing saying she frittered away this amount, but pounds 200,000 is a lot of money.
If the Bruins frittered away their lead and lost, he would take the brunt of the blame.
Tranmere dominated but frittered away chances with Stuart Barlow the chief offender.
Only 18 per cent of people claimed they frittered away nothing on a daily basis.
these most extraordinary events of the year--of the century--argue that the United States, which inspired so many of them, might well pause to consider that this inspiration was authentic, a legacy not to be frittered away by forgetfulness of our own past, or by frustration with the behavior of others.
League'' follows other bowlers as well, such as Wayne Webb, a one-time star who frittered away his earnings on gambling and booze.