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Italian omelet with diced vegetables and meats

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He also offers prosciutto, salami, cheese, and several different vegetable frittatas.
Mark's recipes range from a chorizo tortilla using potato crisps to a flavour-packed smoked salmon and pea frittata, while Liz has created a family-friendly pizza omelette and a carb-free pastry-free quiche.
Andrew, who runs Brown's Caf and Grill in Darlington, also showed the children how to make healthy, fast food and introduced them to a variety of dishes such as frittatas and healthy salads.
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Katy tasked them with making that classic kids' dish: asparagus frittatas.
Here, where the assembly line once purred, the BoilerHouse Restaurant now churns out frittatas and homemade corned beef hash.
If you want to try a different look, cook the individual frittatas in a muffin tray.
There are plenty of other ingredients you can use to make equally scrummy frittatas such as smoked salmon, rocket, goats cheese, semi sun-dried tomatoes, roast Mediterranean vegetables, chorizo sausage and coriander.
Breakfast included frittatas cooked in muffin cups, island fruit and coffee grown on the Kona farm of Fair Wind's owners.
Breakfast Recipes also includes such "exotic" fare as crepes, omelets, enchiladas, frittatas, quesadillas, burritos, casseroles, souffles, quiche, and "breakfast pizza".
It is suitable for all kinds of bakery and morning goods, scrambled eggs, omelettes & frittatas, quiche fillings, biscuits, cakes, muffins, desserts including ice cream, sweet and savoury pastry work, egg washes & glazes, Yorkshire puddings and crepe/pancake batters.
Her book includes recipes for pesto sauce, focaccia and frittatas.
With pages of mouthwatering concoctions in its mail-order catalog, from breakfast frittatas to chocolate mousse and curried lentil bisque, this offshoot of Paradise Farm Organics gives campers hearty, natural fare ($2.
I suggest packing a cooler with some nutritious snacks and 'mini meals' C like Cabot's Homemade Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt Cups, Mini Kale & Caramelized Onion Frittatas or Raspberry Creamsicle Smoothie.