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Strong and fast flyers, adult great spangled fritillaries visit a wide range of flowers to feed on nectar.
Ashclyst Forest, Devon ( about to teem with White Admirals, Silver-Washed Fritillaries, Purple Hairstreaks
TRIM TIME: At the bottom of the triangular bed where the fritillaries are going is a tall birch tree through which grows a beautiful white rose whose petals are touched with pink.
While many butterflies including adonis blues, marsh fritillaries and peacocks were on the wing much earlier than normal, the summer rains cut down on insect numbers.
Three years of conservation work to restore the butterflies' breeding requirements is paying off and the June sunshine allowed the fritillaries - Latin name Argynnis adippe - to emerge from pupal stage to flutter in greater numbers than ever around the bracken-covered slopes of the Alun Valley.
Allowing the park to be left in its natural state while fritillaries were flowering.
To distinguish it from other fritillaries, meleagris was added later, meaning `spotted like the guinea-fowl.
The high brown and pearl-bordered fritillaries, which rely on particular conditions, are most under threat.
I love the smaller and more delicate bulbs, such as fritillaries and erythroniums, and these are best bought from specialist alpine growers.
Expert tip: Also try fritillaries at the front of a border alongside lenten rose hellebores - it prefers heavy soils to chalk or sand.
WHEN planting bulbs for spring, try something different - fritillaries.
Very hardy and trouble-free, the 12in-high snake's head fritillaries are perfect for the light shade of borders and shrubberies or naturalizing in grass or wooded areas.
Snake's head fritillaries look good in groups in the centre of small containers, or combined with specie crocus in bowls oversown with grass to create a miniature naturalistic meadow in a bowl.
She said a hotspot for marsh fritillaries is Cross Hands in Carmarthenshire, where there is a Special Area of Conservation, but which is under heavy development and transport pressure.