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an almost pleasurable sensation of fright

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Rowling's Potter series provoked -- to use the current buzz word in reviewers circles -- frissons of excitement among viewers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Slight frissons of anxiety showed at times but Schwarz directed with sensitivity in the accompaniment of this exquisite score.
She credits her broad cultural and geographic knowledge for this (on top of the fact that she can speak four languages fluently) rather than any particular penchant, since the film she shot in her final year of college was in short fiction: a film titled Les Frissons d'Agathe, which won both a Panavision Canada Award and an award from Le Festival des Premiere Oeuvre de la ville Sainte-Therese for Best Fiction Film.
The fourteen dancers were much preoccupied with paper; they intermittently wrapped and unwrapped long white pieces of it around their gestures, their momentary frissons, their bodies.
Four different streams of live behavior emanating from the house are available 24/7, allowing folks - who would get arrested for peeping into their next door neighbor's home - to ogle and goggle and have their minds boggled by the frictions and frissons experienced by people who will become famous simply for being famous.
Try this season's must-have 4 Ombres Eye Colour 46 Frissons from Chanel.