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an almost pleasurable sensation of fright

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De Monchaux takes her fetishes seriously, and if they offer more frisson than jouissance, that is perhaps only appropriate, given their status as fantasies.
It's mild stuff with the occasional risque frisson, but, even if Wood hersel and a cameoing Julie Walters, were far too selonsciously waiting for the laughs, there are at least lovely low key, beautifully timed performances from former Coronation Street regulars Thelma Barlow and Ann Reid.
But I was not there merely to admire good acting and the production style, I wanted to be disturbed - horrified even - but this is certainly not the evening for a frisson of that kind.
Finally, ``Ally'' lost it altogether - Billy (Gil Bellows), intended to provide romantic frisson, was killed off, and the season ended a shambles with a silly musical episode; a year after its Emmy triumph, it was a veritable no-show at this year's ceremony.
No one who's taken its cosmic, warp-speed, macro-to-micro roller-coaster ride - first to the edge of the universe, then to within the nucleus of a carbon atom, all in order to experience the limits of the size of objects in the universe - will ever forget the metaphysical frisson one gets when the narrator concludes, ".
These minor flaws were more than compensated for by the exquisitely captured relationship between Lan Lan and Su Tong, an awkwardly hesitant frisson of romance between two lonely souls for whom both the past and their future hopes truly were a foreign co untry.
There is a little romantic frisson between Bryson and Mary Steenburgen's charming hotel owner, but he has a loving partner back home, with Thompson almost stealing the film with her brief role.
Now staffers don't want to be accused of deliberately placing her with a hunky bloke, and are joshing about who's least likely to cause a foxtrot frisson.
If you are looking for some musical entertainment tomorrow then look no further than Limassol as the DJ duo DVBBS will be rocking Guaba beach bar until 9pm and the band Trio Frisson will be playing live at Sousami along with some friends.
She said if both sets of parents were visiting, the moment one of them hints at having to get home soon, she can feel the frisson with her man.
1980/PG) Friends With Benefits Film4, 9pm Romantic comedy, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, in which a pair of relationship cynics with an undeniable attraction to one another agree to put feelings aside and embark on a purely physical frisson.
The international retailer of body, face and home products has recently unveiled citrus and woody fragrances called Mer & Mistral, Frisson de Verveine and Eau de Cade.
THE MENTALIST Channel 5, 9pm Six years ago, when Patrick Jane walked into Teresa Lisbon's office to try to find the man who killed his wife and child, there was obviously a frisson between them.
There's a palpable sexual frisson between the conman and Dunst's tourist and an impressive period atmosphere that recalls some of the very best film noirs.
This quartet are playing next Wednesday, flecking their powerful jazz compositions with a rock frisson, full of urgent saxophone crescendos, escalating guitar chimes, insistent bass flooding and roiling drums.