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an almost pleasurable sensation of fright

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The Mint Canyon campus is the only campus that has had no renovation work done on it since it was built in the mid-1960s,'' Frisson said.
Frisson, who came to the elementary school district that serves Canyon Country from Arizona, is returning there.
It is indeed going to be a lean budget,'' Frisson said.
The mismatched couple, whose edgy intellectual relationship was what gave ``Lambs'' the special frisson that lifted it light-years above the average serial-killer thriller, weren't even in the same hemisphere together until past the novel's halfway point.
While there is some crucial investigation of the brief going on here--some frisson in the adjacency of these projects now--it is dampened by the homogeneity with which each project is presented, the examlike rigor with which the format is enforced.
Finally, ``Ally'' lost it altogether - Billy (Gil Bellows), intended to provide romantic frisson, was killed off, and the season ended a shambles with a silly musical episode; a year after its Emmy triumph, it was a veritable no-show at this year's ceremony.
No one who's taken its cosmic, warp-speed, macro-to-micro roller-coaster ride - first to the edge of the universe, then to within the nucleus of a carbon atom, all in order to experience the limits of the size of objects in the universe - will ever forget the metaphysical frisson one gets when the narrator concludes, ".
God forbid the frisson between the sexes should be lost because everyone's too terrified.
Live football ITV, 8pm INTERNATIONAL friendlies can make even the most optimistic football fan feel a little world-weary but there's always a frisson of excitement when Brazil come to town, writes James Milton.
This is not your standard lift the flap book--here the flaps are half overlapped pages or shaped edges cleverly contributing to the stage setting and visual trickery: a drawn back velvet curtain, a puff of smoke, a frisson of magic, all adding to the sense of mystery and surprise.
THE arrival of Yorkshire at Lord's for the next round of Specsavers County Championship matches, starting on Monday, will give Middlesex supporters a frisson of anticipation.
The production did try to whip up a soupcon of frisson and conflict by arranging for a dinner that reunited Chyna with her many half-siblings.
But when served with a pithy, two-word epithet and a frisson of the world's oldest hatredJew hatred, that isa hit piece on the editor of The Weekly Standard is enough to foment a trending topic on Twitter.
But in a slight tweak to the format, this time their four-legged friends join them - all wearing dog-cams - to add an extra frisson.
A little sexual frisson comes in the form of Catherine Zeta-Jones as a journalist writing about the bumbling Home Guard unit.