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Synonyms for frisky

Synonyms for frisky

full of high-spirited fun

Synonyms for frisky

playful like a lively kitten


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The Frisky Kitty is not going away," said Roger Diamond, attorney for the club.
Make love in different locations at home or surprise her by getting frisky when she's not expecting it.
Maybe that's why the best of his work, though extremely polished, still feels real: frisky, funny, a little fucked-up.
Fortunately, Cambridge soon corrected the mistake, replacing that worn out battle horse with a frisky new colt, Christopher Duggan's Concise History of Italy (1994).
That voice somewhere between foghorn blast and sparrow's cheep hits every note in Jerry Herman's frisky score (reportedly in the original keys), and she milks Michael Stewart's lines for all they are worth (plenty, given the laughs she gets).
So grab the materials below and let's play with some Frisky Flying Froggies
LOS ANGELES -- BUZZMEDIA, the Web's fastest growing entertainment publisher, announced today that it has acquired The Frisky from Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Frisky and Mannish at the Weston Studio in the Wales Millennium Centre.
Frisky and Mannish really shouldn't be at T in the Park.
This time the Wales Millennium Centre is the venue for Lady Fitz Frisky and Hansel Amadeus Mannish, aka Oxford graduates s Laura Corcoran and Matthew Jones, to showcase their undoubted talents as they pay homage to some of history's greatest musical contributors.
BANDICOOT FRISKY (6-4f) was a comfortable winner of the Caffreys National Oaks over 500m at Nottingham for trainer Charlie Lister.
Aided no doubt by its salacious title and frisky video, which features sexually adventurous women jockeying for space on Mizzle's lap, "She Bi" is the newest addition to a growing pop music trend: the straight male fascination with switch-hitting ladies.
The city sued the owners of the Frisky Kitty, 18454 Oxnard St.
Frisky Clown, real name Rich Mulligan, is the resident Saturday night DJ at the Jailhouse, in Much Park Street, Coventry, playing alternative rock music into the early hours after the bands have finished their sets.