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Synonyms for friskiness

the state of being full of high-spirited fun

Synonyms for friskiness

lively high-spirited playfulness

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There's plenty of friskiness to songs like "Pinball Wizard," "Amazing Journey" and "I'm Free," all of which musical director Dan Redfeld conducts with gusto.
Whether you're just dipping your toe into the dating pool after many years or enjoying renewed friskiness in your marriage, you should visit a gynecologist.
The most friskiness Houston bestowed on a woman was when he mauled the statue of Fortune to the ground seconds after she had, courtesy of a revolving rostrum, turned her back on him.
It was only natural that his intellectual friskiness should have been noticed by his countryman, Jorge Luis Borges, who was the first to publish Julio's work.
Turns out there's a good reason for this pent-up friskiness and untamed foliage.
Lindsey said that any dog could mate, that all Owen's friskiness proved was that he knew there was a difference between boys and girls.
NEW YORK -- Friskiness and fun are the watchwords for nail styles this spring, according to one beauty expert.
Then there is the challenge of jungle, arguably the first musical genre to emerge from the black British working class that is not obviously derivative of West Indian or American genres (although it pays homage to both the nonlyrical density of dub and the friskiness of free jazz).
Bloom's imaginings on the J text are, to use that Bloomian term, sublime: sublime in their friskiness, daring, darting.
And before he's tossed in the holding pen, where surly men of color want to wrinkle his friskiness, he is made to remove his belt and his shoelaces, "like two little dried dead things.
I know you've all seen the photos on the front page of the newspapers, amputees rappeling down walls and guys skiing -- there is, as I say, a kind of a happy confluence of improved medical technology, of changed attitudes, cultural attitudes to what a "disabled" person is capable of and ought to be allowed and encouraged to do, as well as perhaps kind of a generational -- kind of a friskiness among a lot of these current men and women that are really very inspiring.
For the first two and a half years, I was generally wellbehaved - just the occasional kiss or friskiness with other women when away with my mates, but I never went "all the way" with any of them.
It may be due to the friskiness of the dog or the owner's fear of hurting it (and hurting himself in the process).
Kurylenko has a saucy, somewhat Anna Karina-ish appeal once her character softens into friskiness and vulnerability.
But its honest and sometimes comic depictions of underage drinking and youthful friskiness makes it seem something of a dubious enterprise for a network with the word "Family" in its name.