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Synonyms for frisky

Synonyms for frisky

full of high-spirited fun

Synonyms for frisky

playful like a lively kitten


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Their suffering and their paradoxical freedom to create art helped them to fashion at least rudimentary model for the next generation of friskier, more culturally secure young dykes to develop lesbian theatre.
Whispering Palms, another hotel owned by White, is described by a guest as "one of the friskier places," featuring nude sunbathing and sex by the pool.
Verfaillie's work is just the latest evidence that adult stem cells are much friskier than first advertised.
Often a hard frost at Halloween can make prerut bucks friskier, and I had a good feeling about this stand.
If I were feeling much friskier than I am today I might steer you in the direction of a synonym for "a dry ravine" in line 33.
However, our family-hour survey yielded very different results, finding that TV characters seem to be friskier than their reallife counterparts.
In the surf, whiting get friskier and fatter with cooling temperatures, and the fall run of pompano will begin heading south along our beaches.
FRIDAY Great Night Out (ITV, 9pm) Beggsy (William Ash), who is still adjusting to his divorce, finally gets a chance to enjoy being single, and Colleen's new, friskier approach to life leaves Daz (Stephen Walters) asking himself some awkward questions.
The staff placed us - as requested - at a table as far from the restaurant hub as possible, thus allowing Riki and I some peace and quiet to deal with a boingsome Ben, who was in one of his friskier moods.
The top speed is just 95mph and the economy is identical to that of the friskier Suzuki.
The "I Really Love Myself" Kit is even friskier, and includes the lipgloss and body shimmer, but also has one of Booty Parlor's designer sex toys as well as the best-selling Add Magic Lubricant.
6 FSI proved quite a bit friskier than its 0-60mph in 11.
According to one story coffee was discovered by a goat-herder who noticed that his herd became friskier than usual after consuming the red cherries of a wild coffee shrub.