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Synonyms for frisk

Synonyms for frisk

to leap and skip about playfully

to examine the person or personal effects of in order to find something lost or concealed

a thorough search of a place or persons

Synonyms for frisk

the act of searching someone for concealed weapons or illegal drugs

search as for concealed weapons by running the hands rapidly over the clothing and through the pockets

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An officer's authority to make the initial stop was at issue, not the officer's authority under Terry to conduct a frisk of a person who already has been stopped legitimately.
In Dickerson, manipulation was held to exceed the bounds of a frisk and to be a full-blown search.
The number of stop, question and frisks -- off the charts, way too high," she said during the forum, drawing jeers from the crowd.
Frisk exclusively told Irish Sunday Mirror Sport: "I m not the kind to be bitter - I move along.
MAR 31: Mourinho is banned by UEFA from the touchline for both legs of the quarter-final against Bayern Munich over accusations against Frisk and Rijkaard.
Fratellia's version clears Frisk of any misbehaviour but does point the finger at Rijkaard.
Uefa director of communications William Gaillard said: "Uefa have never said that Mourinho caused Frisk to resign.
With Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho coming under fire over his alleged part in the retirement of top official Anders Frisk, Blatter has voiced his concerns at how comments incite 'trouble' from fans' These verbal attacks on referees make me sick.
Mourinho has urged Frisk to come out and speak forthrightly about his decision to quit, and the referee today said that all managers should think more before speaking out.
Ruud van Nistelrooy has been handed a two-match international ban by Uefa's disciplinary committee for using insulting behaviour towards Swedish referee Anders Frisk.
Supreme Court to determine whether an anonymous tip that a person is carrying a gun is, without more, sufficient to justify a police officer's stop and frisk of that person.
Period, the final installment of the five-book cycle that includes Closer, Frisk, Try, and Guide, is an ambitious and disturbing stow about a group of troubled teenagers, murderous goth bands, and weird Web cults, told through an interplay of absent meaning and imagistic mirroring.
A woman claiming that she was subjected to a full body search at Newark International Airport because of her race and gender has said she hopes that the US Customs Service will develop frisk guidelines that are not based on racial profiles.
When Toni Frisk, actor/director/writer and head of Xanadu Theatre Company was reviewing plays based on the classic 19th century book, ``Little Women,'' she couldn't find one she liked.
This agreement enables Genesis Microchip to sharpen its focus on our core competency of developing advanced video processing algorithms for our IC customers," said Anders Frisk, executive vice president of Genesis Microchip.