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at or constituting a border or edge


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The first day of work is already dawning, and bright sun and a breeze are chasing the fringy clouds into pairs, and I'm driving to work on my first day, an eight-lane concrete avenue on my way to the business, which this time is supposed to be big business for me, even in months that have only twenty-eight days.
s increasingly fringy stance on social issues, what does?
His downhill fastball doesn't have a lot of life, but it's part of a four-pitch mix with a changeup that projects to ML average, a fringy curve and a slurvy slider.
In spite of a close relationship with the Mayor of Indianapolis and numerous appearances in local media, Indianans remained wary of this fringy reverend with the hypnotic speaking style.
Many of us divide the country into urban and rural but what about the fringy bits between the two?
stories in which Zeus does not die), whereas the poetics Vulcan proposes are the more fringy and arcane (i.
IF you're in the market for a spring jacket this suede fringy version from French Connection, pounds 190, will look great with jeans or this
While it has side fringy lock, it is bouncy towards the back.
You can criticize the Oath Keepers for being too indulgent of fringy fears or for handling the Dyer situation poorly.