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a reef consisting of coral consolidated into limestone

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The very first paragraph of their statement of claim asserted their rights to three islands `continuously inhabited and exclusively possessed' by the Meriam people `since time immemorial', and the `surrounding seas, seabeds, fringing reefs and adjacent islets'.
The fringing reef is continuous from Piti Bay eastward to the fished sites at Asan Bay.
Because they have emerged in relatively recent geologic time, these islands have less well-developed fringing reefs and have not subsided as far below sea level as the NWHI.
This reserve occupies approximately 10% of the fringing reef area to the 60-m isobath (about 13% to the 20-m isobath).
Habitat partitioning between species of the genus Cephalopholis (Pisces Serranidae) across the fringing reef of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea).
Natural reefs exhibited all three reef morphologies: patch reefs that are small and compact, fringing reefs that are found parallel to the shoreline (excluding those obscured by mangroves), and string reefs that are perpendicular to the shoreline (Kennedy & Sanford 1999).
The study, published in the latest edition of the journal Conservation Biology said that decline in the coral abundance can been seen on coastal fringing reefs along the Chinese mainland and adjoining Hainan Island, the Herald Sun reports.
The yellowbar angelfish Pomacanthus maculosus (Forsskal, 1775) is a reef-associated species inhabiting fringing reefs and lagoons and is regularly found over hard and soft bottoms (Randall, 1983; Carpenter et al.
It is up to 350km wide and has more than 2,000km of fringing reefs.
Hooks and lines are used to bait and catch fish from canoes, on fringing reefs or along river banks.
Where coral bleaching of our protective fringing reefs has occurred because of warming seas, replanting coral to restore coral gardens has begun.
Fringing reefs make for mellow snorkeling and reef fish concentrations that are higher than anywhere else in the state.
Shelburne Bay is one of the least disturbed areas of active parabolic silica sand dune systems in the world, and its warm, clean coastal waters with fringing reefs boast eight species of sea grass making the area essential habitat for dugongs (Dugon dugon) and green turtles (Chelonia midas).
Effect of fishing pressure on the fish resources of the Port Moresby barrier and fringing reefs.
There are two additional types of reefs besides barrier reefs: Fringing reefs are submerged coral platforms that extend out from the shore.