fringed gentian

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The fringed gentian, Bryant writes, when "The aged year is near its end.
Plantlife warned that without action to protect wild plants, critically endangered flowers such corn buttercup, fringed gentian and the yellow early marsh orchid could be next to disappear.
Kelsey explores mood from the sweetness of William Cullen Bryant's poem, "To the Fringed Gentian," to the expressive changing meter of Arakida Moritake's haiku, "Fallen Flowers.
up through the knapweed up to the purple lupine the fringed gentian the scarlet gilia & on up to the shooting stars walking into my life walking up the canyon I never reach the end of (p.
Among the 89 poems were such favorites as "O Fairest of the Rural Maids," "The Death of the Flowers," "June," "A Forest Hymn," "Hymn to Death," "A Meditation on Rhode Island," and "To a Fringed Gentian.