fringe tree

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any of various small decorative flowering trees or shrubs of the genus Chionanthus

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Antioxidant secoiridoids from fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus L.
By the garden gate, small native flowering trees, including dogwood, redbud, and fringe tree, are in keeping with the natural landscape.
Traditional preparations from the root bark of fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus L.
Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis), Rosa rugosa (Rosa rugosa), Native Hydrangea (Hydrangea arboresens), Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginica), Prickly Ash (Zanthoxylum americanum), Gingko (Gingko biloba), Birch (Betula spp.
natives like fringe tree, Virginia creeper, flowering dogwood, and sweet shrub still grew in their natural environments, but gardeners had discovered and begun to cultivate a few of them, like the Southern magnolia.
A few other familiar trees which supplied home remedies were the beech, persimmon, fringe tree, ash tree, camphor tree, sea grape and wild cherry.