fringe benefit

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Synonyms for fringe benefit

added extra

Synonyms for fringe benefit

an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)

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8226; Detail out the IRS rules around when taxes are due on Fringe Benefits
Fortunately for employers and employees, a number of fringe benefits are fully or partially excluded from an employee's income, yet still deductible by the employer as a business expense.
Thus, a de minimis fringe benefit may be excludable even if it is provided to highly compensated or key employees.
It is incumbent on all contractors who are serious about operating in the government market to discharge their fringe benefit obligations in compliance with federal legislation as well as off payroll.
The troublesome issue for the court apparently was not the discriminatory aspect of the fringe benefit, (65) but rather its role as a constructive dividend distribution.
Given equal productivity, workers would trade fringe benefits for higher wages and vice versa.
Like many other fringe benefits, therefore, it was contextually linked to wage setting.
A fringe benefit provided in connection with the performance of services is treated as compensation for the services.
The interpretation of the positive coefficient of the fringe benefit variable in the productivity regression is less than obvious and the authors made no attempt to present any argument for the inclusion of FBs variable in the equation or for the positive coefficient of the variable.
Develop initial fringe benefit package in consultation with insurance vendors and negotiate discount.
Recent legislation regarding Section 89 fringe benefit rules have confused and frustrated many risk managers and made many corporation's fringe benefit efforts "null and void.
NEW YORK -- Access Control Advantage (ACA) is pleased to announce that it has signed a patent and software licensing agreement with Fringe Benefit Group, an industry leader in the design, implementation and administration of health and retirement plans for contractors.
A fringe benefit is a form of pay (including property, services, cash or cash equivalent) in addition to stated pay for the performance of services.
1372(a) states that for fringe benefit purposes, an S corporation "shall be treated as a partnership" and a 2% shareholder "shall be treated as a partner of such partnership.
Acquisition of Fringe Benefit Management Company's tax favored and benefits continuation division plus a strategic partnership establishes WageWorks as the leading provider of consumer-directed benefits solutions to public sector employers.