fringe benefit

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Synonyms for fringe benefit

added extra

Synonyms for fringe benefit

an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)

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Therefore, the court held, the provision of pregame meals to the Bruins' traveling employees qualified as a de minimis fringe benefit and was not subject to the Sec.
8226; Detail out the IRS rules around when taxes are due on Fringe Benefits
Fortunately for employers and employees, a number of fringe benefits are fully or partially excluded from an employee's income, yet still deductible by the employer as a business expense.
Thus, a de minimis fringe benefit may be excludable even if it is provided to highly compensated or key employees.
If car parking is provided to employees by the employer, and the car park is off-site, there is a fringe benefit being provided.
It is incumbent on all contractors who are serious about operating in the government market to discharge their fringe benefit obligations in compliance with federal legislation as well as off payroll.
Note that some fringe benefit provisions of the Code such as dependent care (Section 129) do provide tax benefits for proprietors, partners, and MTTPSEs, despite the provisions discussed in this chapter.
For example, if a company has taken sufficient measures to demonstrate that at least 85% of the use of its copying machines is for business purposes, personal use of the copiers will be treated as a de minimis fringe benefit.
The troublesome issue for the court apparently was not the discriminatory aspect of the fringe benefit, (65) but rather its role as a constructive dividend distribution.
The IRS should reconsider the conclusion that any gift certificate is a cash equivalent fringe benefit and, instead, look to the value and frequency with which that benefit is provided to determine if it is de minimis.
274(a) did not disallow the deductions in Sutherland, the Tax Court concluded that when an employer includes in the employee's income the value of the vacation flight as determined under the fringe benefit rules of Regs.
The other data source, EBS, an annual survey of more than 900 firms, provides information on average fringe benefit costs as a percentage of payroll by industry.
It is a non-contractual fringe benefit arrangement under which an employer promises to pay an executive specified benefits at retirement or in the event of disability.
Only in such inter-locking contexts (for example, workplace control, status, respectability and toughness) can the negative attitudes of operatives to welfare and fringe benefit provision be understood.
A fringe benefit provided by an employer to an employee is presumed to be income to the employee, unless it is specifically excluded from gross income by another section of the Code.