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Synonyms for fringe

Synonyms for fringe

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

the periphery of a city or town

to put or form a border on

Synonyms for fringe

the outside boundary or surface of something

a part of the city far removed from the center

one of the light or dark bands produced by the interference and diffraction of light

a social group holding marginal or extreme views

Related Words

a border of hair that is cut short and hangs across the forehead

an ornamental border consisting of short lengths of hanging threads or tassels

Related Words

decorate with or as if with a surrounding fringe

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Welcome a few of your Fringe Festival favorites back to town for an evening of music, magic, storytelling, and who knows what else.
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society will visit 26 Edinburgh charities including Canongate Youth, the Lothian Autistic Society, Pilmeny Youth Centre and Sikh Sanjog to hand over Fringe box office vouchers and Lothian Bus day tickets.
Today there are more than 200 fringe festivals around the world, and on Tuesday July 11, to mark the 70th anniversary of the first ever event, they are coming together to celebrate World Fringe Day.
With many of the Fringe performers travelling to the Melbourne Comedy Festival straight after the Adelaide event, Mount Gambier is the ideal location to host its own Fringe.
Fringe Manila is a huge piece of performance art itself, says Taipei Fringe Festival curator Hsin-I Lin of her Manila experience.
Continue reading "Four Reviews of Jewish-Themed Shows From Edinburgh's Massive Fringe Festival" at.
Miranda Kerr The supermodel stuns in this suede camel fringe jacket.
Filigree disc |earrings PS7, printed playsuit PS14, stud fringe suede bag PS28, caged detail sandals PS20, all Matalan
In 1982, the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival was established through a $50,000 grant bestowed by the City of Edmonton to Chinook Theatre (now Fringe Theatre Adventures), under Artistic Director Brian Paisley.
Taken together, fringe benefits can be a significant component of compensation and a tool for attracting, motivating and retaining talented employees.
1), and this consists of three elements: sash material, Chainette fringe, and a pair of beaded tubes.
Chop chop, it's time to give your hair an instant makeover with the transforming powers of a fringe.
The Duchess of Cambridge, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel and Zooey Deschanel have all been discovering the benefits of a fringe.
Now's the perfect time to refresh your look and indulge in some fringe benefits.