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Synonyms for frilly


Synonyms for frilly

having decorative ruffles or frills

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Although she avoided frilly items for the most part, Dia couldn't resist one girly touch in the bedroom: a red lampshade with metallic fringe - a steal for $14.
which is the first multilane retailer to deploy a frilly integrated electronic check imaging and conversion solution.
USER--Foundries requiring large flask size molding versatility and the capability to draw and handle molds in an inverted and frilly supported condition.
GAAP does not frilly recognize the greater risk in different investment strategies and product designs from embedded options and capital market volatility.
It provides accurate and precise CBC results, including a frilly automated WBC five-part differential, reticulocyte count, and fluorescent optical platelet count.
An arbour 'where gardening is bliss' takes the form of a huge abandoned frilly black and red corset encased in gauze and polythene, its ribbons and reinforcement 'invaded by climbing plants' and (in theory at least) by 'numerous red flowers' [Entrelacets by a team from Angers School of Art]; an outsize pair of pudding-pink breasts 'emerging from an ocean of even pinker flowers' (yet to materialize at the time of writing) beyond red-painted ironwork [Eh, tu me soutiens?
Here Pasiphae is depicted as a young African American girl in a frilly white dress; a huge black-and-white bull turns his head in her direction as he strides forward.
What a funny, easy, breezy, yummy, frilly, silly, mighty way for students to delight in the enjoyment of playing with words.
Who says you have to show up in a tux or a long frilly dress?
In summer, dandelion fuzz Is wildly waltzed around; Like dancers in soft frilly frocks, They twirl above the ground.
The pre-historic mama, clad in a frilly apron and wielding a cooking spoon, makes it clear that "Protecting Your Family" was a primary instinct -- even eons ago -- as she shields her "baby" T-Rex from a pair of velociraptors.
A TALENTED six-year-old girl has been handed an international book deal after writing a funny story about bees in her granny's frilly knickers.
I KNOW that if I dare a double-take when passing a huge tattooed transvestite wearing a frilly frock and beard, I'll end up with a charge along "hate crime" lines.
Tickets: pounds 20 VUK Buffalo Bar, Cardiff Tel: 02920 310 312 Imagine a fierier, less frilly Bj|rk, PJ Harvey or Nico lancing every commercial impulse and you're about there.
They sleep with them, dress them in frilly frocks and nappies, feed them ice cream and give them names like Silly Willy and Jessy Marie.