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Synonyms for frilly


Synonyms for frilly

having decorative ruffles or frills

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uk HERE are seven of the best discounts: 1 Debenhams The Collection, dark orange frilly satin shell top was was PS30 now PS7.
This inn has a lot of the frilly touches that some romance-seekers desire in a B&B, but we found the riotous floral wallpaper, duvet and bed linens a little overwhelming.
Isla stepped out in a mini-skirt, frilly paper top, a head-dress and boots - all made of paper.
But she appeared to have forgotten her outer garments when she turned up for a swim in a pink bikini under frilly see-through lingerie.
About the only exuberance you'll ever find in a Merchant Ivory movie comes from the rich visualizations of stately mansions and frilly clothes.
One said: "I found a pair of blue frilly knickers in the main street.
The frilly white knickers arrived in a sealed envelope addressed to the 'England cricket team' on the last day at the WACA.
So not only do we have to see Neill trussed to a bed decked out in a furry codpiece, or cavorting in frilly, neon-hued fashion-victim outfits, but we must endure such spectacles for exasperatingly long stretches after they would've ceased being funny had they ever been funny in the first place.
Just a few days ago, mum-of-three Victoria Beckham was also spotted revealing a glimpse of her frilly underwear in public.
FRILLY home furnishing specialist Laura Ashley is creating 400 jobs.
His hibiscus include a frilly crimson with matching red-tinted ruffled foliage and another wild species with red heart-shaped leaves reminiscent of the California redbud but with large yellow blossoms, both collected from Vanuatu in the South Pacific.
Brenzel's favorite plants for attracting beneficial insects - such as parasitic wasps, lace wings and hover flies - are: common fennel, of lacy leaves and anise fragrance; rue, the finely cut, if foul-scented, blue-leafed herb; cosmos, the frilly leafed, somewhat gangly annual with white, pink and mauve petaled daisy flowers; coreopsis, the yellow-orange petaled daisy; achillea, better known as yarrow; nemophila or baby blue eyes, suitable for bright shade; Lychnis coronaria, a drought-tolerant, gray-leafed plant with brilliant contrasting blooms in red or pink; Agrostemma, or corn cockle, an ornamental weed with purple-spotted, magenta-pink petals.
NAUGHTY and nice is the theme behind this year's Christmas lingerie from Arnotts, with sexy suspenders, see-through lace and cheeky thongs matched with soft cashmere vesst, pretty pastels and frilly camisoles.
Washers and dryers, microwaves, stoves and refrigerators are also iffy, but at least they can't throw them back at you in case they were expecting something a little more frilly.
She will be donning costumes, ranging from frilly to polka dotted gears, in loud shades.