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Synonyms for frigidly

without warmth or enthusiasm


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One week prior to this frigidly cold cloudy morning, Sarah and her husband went to their doctor for an ultrasound.
Only operating in the warm summer months from June to September, the camp rolls into town when the snows recede after the frigidly cold winters.
Frankly, most powders will exhibit a disparity of at least 100 fps when fired in hot versus frigidly cold temperatures--and sometimes as much as double that.
With that in mind, he decided to wait until 0107 hrs on that frigidly cold night before once again repositioning his bomb on the New Brunswick side of the bridge.
By the way they glance frigidly to the side, you can tell somebody has coached them to say this," King said.
As Abd Al-Ghani refused to hold his or the Shura Council's protective hand over the event, the debate ended rather frigidly.
It would appear as though Wilhelm crafts this statement ironically: that such a frigidly detached and enigmatic character as Jan could produce art with clarity and accessibility.
He suggests that such low real policy rates, which "will be frigidly low for an extended period of time," will require a new approach to portfolio management.
The militants occupied covertly more than thirty well-fortified positions the most inhospitable frigidly cold ridges at an altitude of 16000-18000 feet, in the Great Himalayan range facing Dras, Kargil, Batalik and the Mushko Valley sectors.
Typical of Sephardic women, he thinks to himself frigidly.
Am chilled to the marrow in my cold bed so lie uneasily and frigidly awake till 4, where I can stand it no longer.
Perhaps too frigidly, mechanically perfect, it does not have the joie de vivre exhibited in the more freely painted and abstracted clouds wafting across the collection's rare pair of Yongzheng mark doucai waterpots.