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Kipling's poem makes one think of George Grosz's drawing of the crucified Christ wearing a gas mask, though the poet's restraint is quite unlike the artist's blatant frightfulness.
Haunted Hotel Ball combines elements of a VIP nightclubbing experience, with the frightfulness of a haunted house, and the exclusivity of a high-end gala.
1922) by contrast, their speeches were 'examples of Bolshevist frightfulness well calculated for the end in view of disgusting the "workers" (and everybody else) with Parliament.
Kepler told the grizzled veterans of Crocker's Iowa Brigade in September 1898, "all stand as living testimonies of the magnitude and frightfulness of that great war.
There is definitely a frightfulness associated with the dark, whether that darkness is physical or spiritual.
In Towards a Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right: An Introduction, Marx agreed with Hegel's identification of the 'individual in isolation' which would inevitably result 'in the maximum frightfulness and terror' as the central problem in a rights-based state.
But the celebration of the 'Few' as airborne knights errant holding back the tide of German frightfulness masks many historical truths which put the battle into a rather different perspective.
It was by far the city's biggest experience of Nazi frightfulness to date and owing to the terrific destruction caused it had many aspects which could not possibly be repeated.
Some of the frightfulness was technological, the consequence of nineteenth-century gifts to humanity such as smokeless power, high explosives, and repeating-fire rifles and machine guns.