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in an alarming manner


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Sam Antonio illustrates quite well and quite frighteningly the real war our nation is in: one which isn't in Iraq or Afghanistan, but one fight here on our soil.
Children had a frighteningly good time as they prepared for Halloween.
Jess feels conflicted about this girl Tilly Tilly, who, on the one hand, seems to be the best friend Jess has never had, and on the other, seems frighteningly disrespectful of basic social rules.
As becomes clear by reading these two pieces of literature, without the ability to personify nature or appeal to a higher power, we are left frighteningly on our own.
Even the three-litre version is not frighteningly quick but it's smoother than a Bond chat-up line.
The Dracula legend is given fresh blood in Kostova's fascinating page- turning adventure as a young girl finds that her family is frighteningly linked to the infamous bloodsucking ruler.
That sounds frighteningly similar to Dick Cheney saying that if we vote for Kerry, the terrorism will strike.
But Plato is a nut you can love (and frighteningly, identify with).
What disturbs about Sierra's productions is not so much the realization of what people will do for money, nor the sight of them doing it, but the contrast between his work's raw, undeniable factuality and its uncertain value in the wider world: between the very real currency of human life that Sierra is spending and the frighteningly speculative nature of the returns.
Support comes from The Sound Explosion and the frighteningly good Geordie mob Jetson (pounds 5 in).
Atwood has created a future of frighteningly segregated modern cities, where security, civil compliance and education are paramount and genetic creativity is unchecked.
The owners' favorite buyer appears to be a venture capital group with frighteningly little experience in health care and somewhat uncertain sources of future capital.
He added: "Robert and I saw him work about two weeks ago and he was frighteningly impressive, although it was only half-pace work up the all-weather.
Unfortunately, and frighteningly, there are no such plans at hand.
It also meant a spot of colonic irrigation, which Jaci approached with a frighteningly positive attitude, allowing herself to be filmed on camera as the tube, and its contents (