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That puppet yonder," thought Mother Rigby, still with her eyes fixed on the scarecrow, "is too good a piece of work to stand all summer in a corn-patch, frightening away the crows and blackbirds.
We shouted with all our might, in the hope of frightening the bird into letting go of its prey, but it merely gave a snort or puff, as if of rage and then let fall upon our heads a heavy sack which proved to be filled with sand
The girl he's engaged to was coming today; but I was so afraid of some chance delay frightening her that I wired her not to come till she heard from me.
What do you mean by coming here and frightening my cow?
What had seemed romantic became merely frightening.
Tulkinghorn with a view to a wrangle, and likewise persecuting and half frightening the life out of an unfortunate stationer.
How much better is this," said she, as she walked to the fender -- "how much better to find a fire ready lit, than to have to wait shivering in the cold till all the family are in bed, as so many poor girls have been obliged to do, and then to have a faithful old servant frightening one by coming in with a faggot
She did not speak with anger, but with determination that was rather frightening.
Then straightway the yeomen leaped over the wall, alighting on the tall soft grass upon the other side, frightening a flock of sheep that lay there in the shade so that they scampered away in all directions.
It was difficult, frightening even, oddly embarrassing.
I don't intend to shoot at him but I might succeed in frightening him away if he attempts to reach us here.
After considering how I could show myself with the least possible chance of frightening her, I resolved to cross the wall before me, to skirt round it outside, and to enter the churchyard again by the stile near the grave, in order that she might see me as I approached.
2, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Registration is now open for a free webinar, "Forget Halloween - 5 Downright Frightening Labor Management Scenarios," presented by nettime solutions.
Now aged 11, he is back to get Little Horrors 2013 under way as the Frightening Fighter.
To make this incident more frightening was the fact an elderly lady with a very old dog was just a few yards away.
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