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Tony sends a couple |of thugs to put the frighteners on Liz
Jackson failed twice to remake ``Kong,'' first in his childhood back yard, then in 1996 when Universal Studios pulled the plug on a campier version he'd prepared, due both to the box-office failure of his ghost comedy ``The Frighteners,'' and a glut of big monster remakes that included disappointing revivals of ``Godzilla'' and ``Mighty Joe Young.
In addition to 14 minutes of never before seen DVD film footage and free movie ticket to see Jackson's new film "King Kong," "The Frighteners -- Directors Cut" DVD comes with more than four hours of exclusive bonus features including:
Some of his first designs "ended up being a big deal" to kids who grew up to be makeup artists and other professional frighteners, he said, so he's re-releasing some of Distortions' original catalog in limited collector's editions of 1,000.
He has since gone on to star in numerous feature films, including "Seven," "The Frighteners," "Leaving Las Vegas," "Dead Man Walking," "Toy Story," "Toy Story 2" and Stanley Kubrick's cult classic, "Full Metal Jacket.
e other letter puts the frighteners on over the elected mayor for the Teesside region.
But not before deluded Lachlan has put the frighteners up Alicia by asking her to 'tell the truth'.
Newcastle 1 Liverpool 0 SUPERSUB Ayoze Perez put the frighteners on Liverpool with the goal that sealed a FOURTH successive win for Newcastle.
Apart from the usual off-theshelf arguments put out by Friends of the Earth, frighteners, we now have Mr D Stamps offering his theories.
They'll have the Kop in full voice roaring them on and putting the frighteners on City.
I have been undecided as to whether this exercise by Gordon Brown is simply a way of putting the frighteners on the Conservative Party.
Jackson, who introduces the film and added back 14 minutes, says that after making ``The Frighteners,'' he was stuck with all this special-effects equipment, which is why he thought of ``Rings.
Trying to put the frighteners on developers and local authorities is not a solution.
Obviously Downing Street has got the jitters, too much has come out already and this could be a desperate attempt to put the frighteners on anyone in the know.
Your correspondent's main aim seems to have been to portray Bronygarth in the worst possible light and then putting the frighteners on us all in the hospital catchment area by writing ``we could be deprived of a modern hospital for the rest of this century and beyond''.
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