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They do this, it seems, when disturbed by a possible predator, and the function of the noise seems to be to frighten off the intruder.
Not a slavering great hound to frighten off inquisitive hacks, but a loveable little pooch.
The Friends of Cotteridge Park will be dipping toast in cider and leaving it out for the Robins - said to be the guardians of the orchard - drinking mulled apple juice, making a loud noise to frighten off evil spirits and having a barbecue.
He is now seeking work with Washington Galleries to use Frank and Max to frighten off the pigeons around the service depot.
The warning allows the Wildlife Service to send an armed car to frighten off the marauder and with villagers losing up to six months of income with every raid, the system helps keep relations between elephants and locals friendly.
It can also release a cloud of dense smoke to frighten off an intruder or confuse him long enough for a human guard to get to the scene.
One suggestion put forward so far is hanging shiny CDs on pieces of string or raspberry canes to frighten off the would-be predators.
The bird has been enlisted to frighten off the pigeons, or doves, that plague the famous street.
When you enter the water, Moore recommends shuffling your feet around to frighten off stingrays that may be resting on the ocean bottom.
To run a successful business, independent retailers must maximise their profit opportunities while ensuring they don't frighten off customers by being perceived as expensive.
you don't frighten off the starlings and at any moment you might
Short and sturdy, the Korubu walked with their legs wide apart, as if to frighten off animals, and they appeared robust and confident, masters of their small universe.
A sexy Tom Cruise lookalike boasts of his own Mission Impossible - trying to frighten off sex-crazed women.
Moreover, many technicalities have been skirted, perhaps in an effort not to frighten off intellectual historians.
Four-year-old Rufus was brought down from Corby, Lancashire, to the All England Club to frighten off birds.