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The demon faces were drawn to protect the family from sickness and disaster and to frighten away evil spirits.
Known for their ferocious nature, tigers were considered as symbols of protection with the Chinese featuring the animal on children's shoes so as to frighten away evil spirits which mothers believed were hovering around their kids.
Calling al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula a "scarecrow" used to frighten away outside interference, al-Ahmar said: "Yemen would be better off and more secure, stable and united without Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Such destructive investigation may not be welcomed and the cost could well frighten away a prospective purchaser.
Summary: TUNIS: Weeks of unrest in Tunisia will hit economic growth, frighten away tourists and discourage foreign direct investment which could fall by up to a third this year, Fitch Ratings said Thursday.
Positioned in what clerk of the course Ed Arkell calls "the problem area", between the two- and three-furlong markers, Smith's brief is to frighten away any seagulls that land in front of the advancing runners.
South Korea has repeatedly said it would not strike back at the North, aware that would frighten away investors already jittery about the escalating tension on the divided peninsula.
Armed with an air rifle, his task was apparently to frighten away the pigeons.
Not many people know that the earliest, unequivocal, documentation of fireworks dates back to 12th century China, where they were first used to frighten away evil spirits with their loud sound, and also to pray for happiness and prosperity.
But repeats of the disgraceful fighting at Upton Park will frighten away real fans and tarnish England's - indeed Britain's - reputation.
During a break members of the Tees Valley Chinese Community Centre performed a traditional Chinese dragon dance - which is said to bring good luck and frighten away evil spirits.
Family friend Ron Willetts said Ann bought the black bull terrier 18 months ago to frighten away a stalker.
People also used firecrackers to frighten away the Nian.
Doing so will not only organize a nagging area, but may even frighten away any resident spiders
Defence barrister Shaun Routledge told the court: "All he wanted to do was frighten away the injured party.