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long-billed warm-water seabird with wide wingspan and forked tail

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Antigua's sister island, Barbuda, is also known for its beaches and pink sand and the Excellence Barbuda by Sea excursion takes guests on a luxury catamaran ride for a tour of the world's largest colony of Frigate birds with time to swim and relax on a uniquely beautiful beach.
A 90-minute catamaran voyage from Antigua's capital, St John's, links the two islands, and from there it's a fiveminute boat trip to the obliging frigate birds.
A colony of great frigate birds in the French Frigate Shoals near Hawaii offers an example.
Frigate birds that fly overland indicate bad weather conditions at sea.
Shot and edited with a piquant poeticism, "Galapagos" treats viewers to soulful glimpses of the mating rituals of many species, including waved albatross, fur seals, frigate birds, tortoises, blue-footed boobies and iguanas.
While some lifeforms have decided to stay put, others make annual migrations, including frigate birds, with their magnificent and colourful expanding gullets.
Then it was back in the power boat where we went bouncing over the waves at breakneck speed to our next destination Bird Island spotting pelicans and frigate birds along the way.
Elegant frigate birds soar high overhead, sea lions bark from their crowded rock perches, and schools of angelfish swarm beneath your bow.
We poled into the "skinny" waters around rookeries for close encounters with crowds of frigate birds, took lessons on life in the grass beds around oyster bars, including glimpses of tiny starfish and sea horses, cruised close to islands rich in Calusa and pirate history, reeled in sea trout and grouper and gaped at grand homes on private islands.
The vendor splintered off a thin curve of shell--rude spoon to scoop out the creamy gel, swirl it with salt, lemon, chili, lift it to the tongue-- All morning their quarrels had circled--jagged wings of frigate birds, prehistoric, their great split tails open V's--no victory, no peace.
Should you stretch out on that powdery stuff to recuperate, no, those shadows won't be buzzards--those are frigate birds making lazy circles in the sky.
The community is home to a variety of animal inhabitants including snook and tarpon, frigate birds, pelicans, palm trees, golden leather ferns, West Indian whistling ducks, iguanas and many species of songbirds.
They will be actively hunting anything they find, which can create a flurry of activity, something which frigate birds are skilled in finding for themselves.
A flock of frigate birds hissed overhead while a colony of friendly Galapagos sea lions barked from the rocks - which were also covered by a scuttling cast of bright orange Sally Lightfoot crabs.