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In these experiments, Pan's group used an IR unit with emitters that heated the top and underside of the fries, each a square-cut strip about 3/8-inch by 4 inches.
CravOn features two popular varieties: Ripple Cut Fries and Steak Cut Fries; and two unique varieties: Diamond Cut and Anytime Diced Fries.
Seventeen French fries sticks were taken for each frying session.
html) recipe for double-fried french fries that is rated five stars by Food Network website visitors.
Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries has expanded rapidly in the United States, attracting several restaurant industry veterans including the former CEO of Caribou Coffee and former COO of Jersey Mike's.
There was a time when McDonald's had French fries that lots of
The company currently serves more than two million pounds of its Shoestring French fries each year.
The fries aren't a problem, because a few years ago most major fast-food chains switched to vegetable oil, which has no cholesterol.
After all, french fries still rank as America's favorite vegetable," states James Munyon, Simplot Food Group President.
And though Spuds doesn't have some sort of condiment mixture like Benita's Frites in Santa Monica - the recognized leading exponent of Belgian fries locally, it does offer several dipping-sauce options, beginning with the favorite of Belgians, mayonnaise, this one fresh and house-produced.
Do this with several fries and you'll notice that the Burger King fry tends to win in this category, too.
Tom Madsen, President and CEO, commented "The global fast food and institutional markets for frozen french fries are growing at accelerated rates, especially in the Pacific Rim countries where western-style fast food consumption is becoming increasingly popular.
French fries are the most lucrative and popular supporting act in all food," says Graulich.
As with other broiled fish items, it arrives with a choice of nicely executed rice pilaf or respectably cooked fries and a serving of simply but effectively cooked vegetables, usually cauliflower, broccoli and/or carrots.