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flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for frying

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The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF), the trade body that represents the nation's fish and chip shops, runs the scheme as a way of raising standards within the fish and chip trade and enhancing the profile of the industry.
The scheme is a way of rewarding and promoting shops that provide good quality products and high standards of hygiene, as well as friers who show a high level of competence.
Japanese retailer Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores invited the frier, who hails from Stonehaven, home of the deep fried Mars bar, to take part in its annual British Fair after he racked up more than 20 awards for his food.
Friers says his songwriting is inspired by history, travel and his own interpretations of the world around them.
Nikki Hawkins, food service and events manager at Seafish, said: "The UK's fish and chip shops are a national institution and these young friers are the future of what is a very British industry.
CARDIFF'S own Young Fish Frier of the Year met the Prince of Wales to share his vision for a sustainable chippy industry.
The award from Seafish means we have exceeded the standards set by the Friers Quality Award for our product quality, taste, hygiene, food preparation, practices and customer services," she said.
Owners John and Sarah Allport were crowned the nation's favourite friers at an awards lunch in London's Cafe Royal, hosted by competition organisers, the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish).
It is important that fish friers maintain viability in order that there is a demand for British caught fish when stocks recover.
Seafish quality and trade executive Jim Hyam said: "Displaying the Seafish Friers Quality award shows customers that the shop is one of the best frying businesses in the country.
Leeds, England -- Young fish friers were in the spotlight at the recent giant careers exhibition in Manchester, organised by the Princes Trust, which attracted over 80,000 school leavers.
Malin's of Bow in East End is reputed by England's National Federation of Fish Friers to be London's oldest fish and chips house still in operation.
They say families should replace the traditional pan with much safer deep fat friers, even though they cost more.
The Federation of Fish Friers warns: "These huge increases will have to be passed on.
The third section lists suppliers for processors, retailers and friers and it is most informative directory.