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Synonyms for friend

Synonyms for friend

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

a person whom one knows casually


a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

Synonyms for friend

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But loyalty depends on the kind of friends you have.
A friend should be a friend because she loves you, not because she needs a Friday-night companion.
But in Between Friends, the group never comes together as a team, remaining instead isolated and never by their individual issues.
The friends, who attend universities in Managua, leave Granada every day at 6 a.
This is a friendship that is close, but loves from afar, and this entails a certain amount of risk; for it may turn out that the friend may be the enemy: "To be capable of this friendship, to be able to honour in the friend the enemy he can become, is a sign of freedom" (282).
The times may change, but gay buddy movies keep depicting the lies that bind, decade after decade: The 1993 miniseries Tales of the City, based on the Arm]stead Maupin novel, captured the polymorphously perverse zeitgeist of '70s San Francisco, with the gloriously transsexual Anna Madrigal presiding over a rainbow family of mixed sexual orientations; 1990's Longtime Companion bore witness to the toll of AIDS on a Fire Island circle of friends in the '80s, while 1996's It's My Party paid similar tribute to a West Coast clan; and Terrence McNally's play and 1997 feature Love
When users provide their jaxtr link to global friends and family, they also enable them to receive a special phone number in their own country that eliminates international phone charges, including calls placed from mobile phones.
Soon, your BFF should realize that being friends is not a game.
PALMDALE - The Friends of the Palmdale Library will celebrate its 25th anniversary at 4 p.
Kalt, known to his friends as Gilbert, was not wearing the uniform of the Philadelphia Police Department, from which he had resigned just two days earlier.
Friends and Relatives Can Now Call You Toll-Free Around the World;
Facebook, the Internet's leading social utility, today announced that for the first time people can access Facebook's share functionality on multiple websites to share video, photos, news and other content with their friends on Facebook.
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