friendly relationship

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the state of being friends (or friendly)

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The rep said that the two had a friendly relationship and will remain friends and the couple asked people to respect their privacy during this time.
We have a friendly relationship with our customers and try to meet their needs.
In January 2012, China and UAE signed a strategic partnership deal, which reflects aACAythe historic friendly relationship that binds the leaderships and peoples of the UAE and China', as Sheikh Mohammad said.
Although the relationship between them did not last long, they maintained a friendly relationship.
Following the meeting, Madi said, "We want to build a friendly relationship with the press in all its forms and we aim for fruitful cooperation with them.
The school, which is largely a symbolic gesture of the continued friendly relationship between the two nations, was funded by Turkish businessmen and began construction in February 2011.
The Bahrain delegation also met Paul Haarhuis and Raemon Sluiter, a retired ATP player and honorary member of TC Schiebroek, whose club has a friendly relationship with BTC.
Parents should try and maintain a friendly relationship with their children.
Karzai, in a joint news conference with Merkel said: "Signing the pact opened a new chapter of friendly relationship with Germany.
This would return Kirklees to a much more friendly relationship with its customers.
The Russian diplomat said he has maintained a friendly relationship with Hamad since 2006.
Developing a good-neighborly and friendly relationship of long-term stability between China and Japan is not only in the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples, but also conducive to peace, stability and prosperity in Asia and the world,'' Wen was quoted as saying in the message.
It is widely suspected that the friendly relationship between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has worried Venezuela's neighbors Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.
BERI predicts Taiwan and China might maintain friendly relationship in the next two years, forecasting that Taiwan might gain one point to 71 in overall investment environment rating that might help it advance one position to the world's No.
Samsung will continue to foster an open and friendly relationship with the media and press and will always go the extra mile toward preserving and fortifying this relationship.