friendly fire

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fire that injures or kills an ally


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The plane was shot down on July 22by friendly fire as Greek Cypriot soldiers mistook it for a hostile aircraft.
HORRIFIC INCIDENT Patrol base Almas after the friendly fire incident which claimed the life of Christopher Roney TERRIBLE TRAGEDIES Corporal Lee Brownson tried to save Lance Corporal Christopher Roney, pictured right with son William
This article will define friendly fire and distinguish it from other forms of battlefield killings.
The US has also refused to send personnel involved in friendly fire deaths to UK inquests.
When young bodies are blown to pieces beyond recognition, what comfort and succour it must be to the families to know that it was only friendly fire that mutilated your son, husband, father.
Central Command officials announced that it was probably friendly fire that killed Army Cpl.
Tillman probably died as a result of friendly fire while his unit was engaged in combat with enemy forces.
Of course, friendly fire does happen in war, but the extent that the US is involved appears somewhat extreme when considering the above numbers.
Other gems among the 107 selections in The Best of Emerge Magazine include seven Friendly Fire columns by Lauren Adams DeLeon that showcase Emerge at its puckish best.
To use a current war analogy, you are the victims of friendly fire.
After landing at RAF Northolt in London, he was asked about his feelings on the 35 British servicemen who were killed by friendly fire accidents in Iraq.
The Tactical Internet, implemented via IDM Technology, permits rapid, accurate target engagement, efficient fire support synchronization, and a significant reduction in the potential for friendly fire incidents.
A SWANSEA company is working flat out to meet demand from British troops ordering Union flags to ward off friendly fire.
Lieutenant Rob Driscoll, spokesman for the Royal Marines Logistics Regiment, said: "The Americans have made massive strides to avoid friendly fire.
A study in mice now points to a fragment of the insulin protein itself as the target that draws friendly fire from immune-system warriors called CD8 T cells, researchers report in the September NATURE MEDICINE.