friendly fire

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fire that injures or kills an ally


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In May, 10 soldiers were also killed from friendly fire using the SF-260 light attack aircraft.
The plane was shot down on July 22by friendly fire as Greek Cypriot soldiers mistook it for a hostile aircraft.
This article will define friendly fire and distinguish it from other forms of battlefield killings.
Defence Ministry Spokesman Gen Zahir Azeemi said there was no step being taken for investigation into the friendly fire incident.
That same article quoted her aunt, Kathy Byerly: "She was shot in the chest by friendly fire.
A string of friendly fire deaths in Iraq prompted defence officials to propose setting up special combat simulators to train US and UK troops involved in joint operations.
Late on Friday, July 13, suspiciously after the day's news cycle had ended, the Defence Department released its report on the friendly fire death of Pte.
Of all the spin that is the currency of governments, the most distorted must be friendly fire.
The journalist author of FRIENDLY FIRE reported under war conditions, was kidnapped, rescued by an Italian secret agent, then shot by U.
Why did these guys intent on friendly fire reappear?
During the first Persian Gulf War, friendly fire incidents caused about 17 percent of U.
AMERICAN football hero Pat Tillman was 'probably' killed by friendly fire, US Army chiefs said yesterday.
Of course, friendly fire does happen in war, but the extent that the US is involved appears somewhat extreme when considering the above numbers.
While a range of new equipment was procured to improve combat identification, including identification-friend-or-foe (IFF) systems and the US Blue Force Tracking system, it has been reported that 22 of the UK's 32 combat deaths during the war were due to friendly fire.