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the address of a web page on the world wide web

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Multi-site/multi-channel content management - Out-of-the-box conversion and importation of content from popular XML formats - Role-based configurable editorial dashboards that mirror physical workflows - Automatic search/association of assets - On-the-fly content association - Real-time semantically generated tags & metadata - Faceted Search: Advanced XML site search, topic clustering, most-rated, most viewed stories - Search Engine Optimization Toolkit: Keyword density, friendly URLs, optimized HTML structure
Enhanced features include friendly URLs to increase search engine site rankings, skip level upgrades to reduce the steps necessary to upgrade from older environments and integration with Vignette High Performance Delivery (HPD) for faster, more compelling experiences.
Keyword manipulation including jamming, gap surfing, and friendly URLs
Premium Portal has incorporated SEO into the administration features and is a key enhancement that showcases a robust model that includes a sitemap and robot file, page descriptions, custom meta tags, page titles, search friendly URLs and the ability to upload a favicon to the title bar.
Friendly URLs - Channels offers custom URLs that publishers can use as auto-subscribe links for video feeds.
QA Graphics' websites are built using a number of search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help improve page rank, including a sitemap, search engine friendly URLs, global site meta description and key words.