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Synonyms for friend

Synonyms for friend

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

a person whom one knows casually


a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

Synonyms for friend

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92% of people would drop whatever they are doing to help a friend with a broken-down car.
To me a good friend should be someone who is mature, honest and with a good sense of humour.
BFF fix-it Not every BFF is an ace at every aspect of being a friend.
If you feel like making new friends, or hanging around with a different crowd, there are lots of clubs and groups you can get into.
But in Between Friends, the group never comes together as a team, remaining instead isolated and never by their individual issues.
In the 1960s the great British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge made a BBC television series on the life of Christ; the last scene depicted Muggeridge and a friend walking the road to Emmaus.
The hardest part of keeping costs down is saying no to friends.
This is a friendship that is close, but loves from afar, and this entails a certain amount of risk; for it may turn out that the friend may be the enemy: "To be capable of this friendship, to be able to honour in the friend the enemy he can become, is a sign of freedom" (282).
Not only can Guests make the perfect Valentine's Day stuffed animal for friends and family, they can also make a difference in their communities.
Ask your friends to point out how you change when boys are around.
And though the once-long waiting lines at lunchtime have gradually dwindled, Friend still attracts sizable noon-hours crowds.
And, again, friendship conquers all, as when drag queen Chris (Jazzmun) abandons her boyfriend to come to the aid of the drugged-out twinkie Dante (Ronoly Santiago), proclaiming, "Sometimes being a friend is way more important than being a lover.
It's easy - they don't need to download any software, pay international phone charges or even sign up for jaxtr to call their friend who sent them their jaxtr link.
Your best friend is in honors math and advanced language arts, otherwise known as the "smart" classes?
I'LL bet that, on this Thanksgiving, Mayor James Hahn was thankful for all his close dear friends - and perhaps for one close friend in particular, Ted Stein.