fried egg

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eggs cooked by sauteing in oil or butter

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25), served all day, has bacon, sausage pattie, hash browns, baked beans, black pudding, grilled tomato, button mushrooms, fried egg and toast.
A plate of pancakes, streaky bacon, fried egg, hash browns, maple syrup and toast is yours for PS7 (you can also have beans but I chose not to).
Warm bubble and squeak cake with golden fried egg (PS5.
Spoon some potatoes on to a plate and top with a seabass fillet, then a fried egg.
Start with #1 GauGio, superior crisp fried egg rolls at $3.
You have got to try the salmon fried egg," he said in his usual mischievous manner.
The Angus Steak and Egg Sandwich features Angus Steak with a Pepper Fried Egg and American cheese on a toasted plain bagel.
That's outrageous," I protested, "for 28pc of people add no sauce to their fried egg butties, so what's taking up all the time?
Also try the pad kratiem prik Thai--garlicky stir-fry over rice--and get the fried egg on top.
Grilled Asparagus with Fried Egg & Chorizo For the Asparagus Ingredients (makes 4) 800-900g asparagus for four people or 6-7 piece, each depending on size Olive oil Sea salt & freshly milled pepper Method Brush the asparagus with oil, season with sea salt and freshly milled pepper and cook on a griddle pan for about one minute on either side or under a grill for about 3 minutes and keep warm.
It is folded around a fried egg, slice of ham and Swiss cheese.
A DAILY dose of three fried egg sandwiches and a whole lot more has propelled Michael Phelps into Olympic history, but the champion swimmer's favourite bulky butties would never get past the lips of Flat jockey George Baker - the six-foot rider is much more a Marmite man.
Fatburger, though, has a fried egg sandwich that blows both Tommy's and McDonald's away.
The story is told of a little yellow dragon who died when a fried egg (always death to dragons) became stuck in his throat and he was then transformed into the butter and eggs flower.
What's this giant fried egg doing on a beach in Sydney, Australia?