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Synonyms for fried

cooked by frying in fat


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After that, on occasion, he gave him morsels of buttered bread and slivers of fried fish from which he first carefully picked the tiny bones.
He paid a dollar each on account to the four tradesmen, and in his kitchen fried steak and onions, made coffee, and stewed a large pot of prunes.
he asked, pausing by the side of McCoy, who was making a breakfast off fried bananas and a mug of water.
Foxes, as you know, are fond of chicken and other fowl; so they served chicken soup and roasted turkey and stewed duck and fried grouse and broiled quail and goose pie, and as the cooking was excellent the King's guests enjoyed the meal and ate heartily of the various dishes.
The first speaker thought the best policy would be to offer a fried jackass to the gods.
 The fire themselves in which their fat was fried.
Here were old friends aboard, who fried my black bass in olive oil.
Fried potatoes with onions like mother used to make.
The best tortilla chip we found isn't fried at all.
He is a highly regarded practitioner in commodities, futures and derivatives, areas which are very important to many of our clients," said Valerie Ford Jacob, Fried Frank's Chairperson.
The slices of tongue are lovely and tender, and there's a mix of potato and yuca along with the usual accompaniments of an arepa corn cake, a mound of rice and sweet fried banana quarters.
Galant, a partner in Fried Frank's corporate department since 1962 and chairman of the department since 1965, joined the firm as an associate in 1955.
Our oils give restaurants, for the first time, a way to reduce saturates and get trans fats out of favorite fried foods without having to take them off the menu or compromise taste," said David Dzisiak, global business leader for Oils at Dow AgroSciences, during the National Restaurant Association's annual conference.
Birenbaum, who heads Fried Frank's Central and Eastern European practice said, "We believe these arrangements will enable Fried Frank to render services of substantial benefit to U.
Fried has been slated to lead Integration's efforts in developing and promoting its growing portfolio of wireless ICs for low data rate (LDR) communications.