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a refrigerator in which the coolant is pumped around by an electric motor

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The marathon man is planning to run across the United States, once again with a fridge strapped to his back.
Over one in five (22%) reckon a better food organisation system would help to reduce their food wastage, whilst nearly a quarter (23%) say that being able to more easily see what they buy once in their fridge freezer would help.
I see that the fridge is run without disruption and power is provided from my home upstairs," said the 26-year-old Pakistani.
The Bud-E Fridge is a first-of-its-kind smart home beer fridge that enables consumers the ability to view real-time information from their fridge -- from the number of Bud Light cans and bottles in it to when the optimal temperature is reached for them -- from anywhere that they have access to a mobile device.
A COUNCIL has refused to collect a woman's obsolete fridge - because she left it inches from where it should have been.
uk, there aren't any plans to bring the fridge on the market just yet.
Previous owners of the house were fridge engineers and the family still run a local refrigeration company.
According to the DOE, your fridge consumes 8% of household energy on average.
This summer, taste buds will be set to sizzle with Fridge Raiders Hottest Edition Vindaloo flavour; delicious bite sized chicken breast pieces seasoned with an intense blend of Asian Vindaloo spices, designed to satisfy any meaty craving.
With it being thick black fumes from the plastic of the fridge, the whole house was really badly damaged by smoke.
Summary: aider Murad and Sons Investment Group (HMG), the sole distributor for Sharp in Jordan, launched a new campaign with Coca Cola in June under the slogan "Buy a fridge and drink Coca Cola".
Wrappz is a fab company which will customise your fridge, ipod, laptop, or anything else you fancy, really.
The Liberal Democrats said the small-scale coolers used more energy than US-style large fridge freezers and cost around pounds 60 each year to run, more than some were sold for.
LAZY boozers have found their perfect household appliance - a fridge that throws cans of beer at them.