friction clutch

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a clutch in which one part turns the other by the friction between them

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Siemens Energy and Automation (known in Canada as Siemens Milltronics) brought out the Milltronics Pointek PLS 200, whose rugged design and new friction clutch are said to increase longevity and reliability, even in harsh conditions.
Stourbridge-based Worcester Presses is to supply P&B Metal Components with eight friction clutch presses.
The friction clutch provides lower torque performance than any of the clutches described (up to 3 in-ib), but it offers excellent torque control for special jobs such as clamping brittle components.
Complementing Raybestos' friction clutch plates, Steel Parts manufactures the mating non-friction clutch plates for OEM transmissions and provides high-volume stamping and value-added processing capabilities to the platform.
It is connected to a Transzilla T56 six speed with a Centerforce dual friction clutch sending power to a 241 GM transfer case with slip yoke eliminator.
BorgWarner one-way clutch systems provide superior engagement performance and very high efficiency for transmission positions not requiring a wet friction clutch.