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pieces of chicken or other meat stewed in gravy with e

make a fricassee of by cooking

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She got up a lunch which comprised a leg of mutton, tripe, sausages, a chicken fricassee, sweet cider, a fruit tart and some preserved prunes; then to all this the good woman added polite remarks about Madame, who appeared to be in better health, Mademoiselle, who had grown to be "superb," and Paul, who had become singularly sturdy; she spoke also of their deceased grandparents, whom the Liebards had known, for they had been in the service of the family for several generations.
Before Elizabeth was placed an enormous roasted turkey, and before Richard one boiled, in the centre of the table stood a pair of heavy silver casters, surrounded by four dishes: one a fricassee that consisted of gray squirrels; another of fish fried; a third of fish boiled; the last was a venison steak.
This article not being forthcoming either, he requested to be served with a fricassee of boot-tops and goldfish sauce, and then laughing heartily, gratified his hearers with a very long, very loud, and most melodious bellow.
Given the braises and stews and stir fries, greasy rotisseries and fricassees, it's easy to forget about the glories of roasted chicken.
They discuss particular dishes--soups, broths and pottages, herring, blancmange, olios and fricassees, and boiled and baked puddings--and their history.
Once washed, nettles are a great additive to fricassees or soups.