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pieces of chicken or other meat stewed in gravy with e

make a fricassee of by cooking

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I went for, and kept all to myself, the Dijon pork fricassee (pounds 4.
The starters include sweet potato soup and flaked smoked mackerel with mains including pan fried cod loin, tomato concasse, herb and fennel fricassee and field mushroom risotto with basil pesto.
The recipe stated: "Take two small chickens, skin them and cut them as for fricassee, wash them and stew in a quart of water.
My friend Jenny chose the salmon fillet with a nacho Cajun crust, sour cream and chive mash, fricassee of chorizo and prawns (pounds 15.
His war-time department, aided by Britain's longest-serving cook Marguerite Patten (she's still going strong) produced weekly recipes for dishes like sheep's head roll, vegetable mince, beetroot fricassee and, for celebrations, mock almond paste (made of dried potato powder and dried egg powder with a teaspoon of sugar and vanilla essence).
For the main course there was Arni Fricassee, a lamb stew with egg lemon sauce, and for dessert a treat familiar to us but finished with an original twist, Loukoumades (dumplings with honey and cinnamon, known in Egypt as lokemet el-qady or zalabia).
His Artichoke Bhel Puri and his Fricassee of Morels and Fava Beans with Coconut Taro Puree would please any diner.
Dinner: Oysters, chicken fricassee, rice, carrots, chocolate pud.
Roast best end of lamb on parsnip puree, fricassee of fevetes and loveage.
First, a fricassee of fresh thoughts came from Kathy Hazlett, Manager of Clinical Applications at Methodist Health System in Dallas, Texas.
All day, traditional French cafe, bar and brasserie serving dishes such as fricassee of snails with spicy garlic and Swiss chard gratin; and roasted chicken 'au jus'.
The event was immediately dubbed The Last Supper and there has been some speculation among guests as to what might be on the menu, with suggestions such as Fat Al Fricassee, Grilled Mutton Chops with sauce Booby and Tenderloin of Tommo.
The menu includes chestnut soup, chicken fricassee and a special trifle.
LAST in the series so its a Christmas menu of chestnut soup, chicken fricassee and trifle.
Grilled supreme of chicken on a potato and herb rosti with wilted spinach and a fricassee of wild mushrooms and shallots pounds 13.