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easily broken into small fragments or reduced to powder


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Many engineers, contractors and utility providers strongly disagree that pipe bursting AC pipe coverts the previously non-RACM AC pipe into friable RACM, including the author of this article.
I will contend that the method of making this type of ACM friable does not occur.
All treatments with NAA resulted in formation of friable and embryonic callus with greenish white color in the medium composition as described in Table 2.
The top tier defendants funded 524(g) trusts which today have aggregate assets exceeding $20 billion specifically set aside to compensate individuals with asbestos diseases caused by the friable products of those defendants.
Firm it in the soil and top fill with a mix of friable soil and compost and get planting.
Has increased, in this aim and to establishment of a rapid in vitro propagation and produce a friable culluse in order to fund for a suspension culture we conducted an experiment as fallow by focusing on plant regulators and their density in an in vitro culture, its 13th century English name was Lycorys, a corruption of glycyrrhiza.
DPV-B Series dense phase conveyors are said to be ideal for moving large quantities of powdered, granular or pelletized friable and abrasive materials.
Available in a one square metre tote bag, Rolawn Beds and Borders Topsoil is a fertile, organic rich, light and friable topsoil, analysed to BS3882:2007, that contains a controlled release fertiliser and a water retentive polymer.
These easy to grow annual flowers only need a good friable soil and good sun to do well and can be directly sown into the soil in any of those bare patches around the garden.
If soil is left in big lumps after digging, the frost, combined with winter rain and snow does all the hard work for the coming spring, breaking down even quite heavy clays into the El Dorado of allotment gardeners, a friable tilth.
LRAPA Director Merlyn Hough said friable asbestos is loosened, so it can be released into the air and inhaled into the lungs.
the key to everything-- your profits, your sanity, your marriage--is rich, friable soil.
The writ says that she worked at various rooms, in particular the reeling and pulp rooms, close to pipes lagged with asbestos which had become degraded and friable.
Similarly, the alternative method removes some friable asbestos materials, but some asbestos-containing materials remain.
At necropsy, muscles affected in all cases were those from the legs, and these were diffusely pale and dull, with a soft friable texture.