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Austrian neurologist who originated psychoanalysis (1856-1939)


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Until then, the libido had figured as the primary psychic force in Freudian psychoanalysis.
For Mailer, what infused Freudian psychoanalysis with conservative
Though restrictions of length here rule out the kind of discussion of Freud his own nuanced view of language merits, it is important, even briefly, to challenge Ferenczi's indictment of Freudian psychoanalysis by pointing to the weight Freud places on the patient's language in The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), the wonder and 'dignity' ('Wurde') of the subject whose speech, in a profound way, knows his own illness.
Viewed in these terms, "La muerte y la brujula" discloses a Buenos Aires that is less a concrete locale than a fractured symbolic space of irreducible cultural antagonism, a space in which, as we shall see, Freudian psychoanalysis itself turns out to figure importantly, albeit as part of the text's "latent content.
Apprehending the Inaccessible is an attempt to embed Freudian psychoanalysis in a broad philosophical context.
My own consciousness was raised here as I observed Jurgenssen's expansive take on feminism: one that embraces Surrealism, Freudian psychoanalysis, and utopia--and one that, like her work, also rejects a single definition.
This was a crucial step for Freudian psychoanalysis to take, all the more so from the point of view of psychoanalytical poetics, since the psychic material came to be treated as being analogous to fiction.
41) So as long as the popularity of Freudian psychoanalysis endures, Myth #51 will persist.
He uses Freudian psychoanalysis, in its pre-Lacanian version (p.
Apart from demonstrating his ambivalence towards Freudian psychoanalysis itself, these chapters also testify to Broch's self-analytical attitude towards both his own creativity and his relationships with women.
Furthermore, the common interest of Freudian psychoanalysis and literature in one figure of speech in particular--the metaphor--illustrates their strikingly obscure parenthood and the different ways space can be imagined, understood, or made intelligible.
Lane has an axe to grind especially where Freudian psychoanalysis is concerned, observing not only the exclusion of its experts from the process of revising the DSM, but also of its previously influential framework from the final product.
Here the validity of Freudian psychoanalysis is not the issue.
The lives of Edmundson's two historical protagonists are connected in his telling not merely by the linkage of Hitler's rise and Freud's concomitant exile and fall, but also by certain themes articulated by Freudian psychoanalysis itself, in particular Freud's theory of the authoritarian patriarch.
The works on show in the first room you enter concentrate on the head because the Surrealists were interested in Freudian psychoanalysis while the green room is done out in 1930s and 40s' salon style